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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

Section 4933.81 | Certified territories for electric suppliers definitions.


As used in sections 4933.81 to 4933.90 of the Revised Code:

(A) "Electric supplier" means any electric light company as defined in section 4905.03 of the Revised Code, including electric light companies organized as nonprofit corporations, but not including municipal corporations or other units of local government that provide electric service.

(B) "Adequate facilities" means distribution lines or facilities having sufficient capacity to meet the maximum estimated electric service requirements of its existing customers and of any new customer occurring during the year following the commencement of permanent electric service, and to assure all such customers of reasonable continuity and quality of service. Distribution facilities and lines of an electric supplier shall be considered "adequate facilities" if such supplier offers to undertake to make its distribution facilities and lines meet such service requirements and, in the determination of the public utilities commission, can do so within a reasonable time.

(C) "Distribution line" means any electric line that is being or has been used primarily to provide electric service directly to electric load centers by the owner of such line.

(D) "Existing distribution line" means any distribution line of an electric supplier which was in existence on January 1, 1977, or under construction on that date.

(E) "Electric load center" means all the electric-consuming facilities of any type or character owned, occupied, controlled, or used by a person at a single location, which facilities have been, are, or will be connected to and served at a metered point of delivery and to which electric service has been, is, or will be rendered.

(F) "Electric service" means retail electric service furnished to an electric load center for ultimate consumption, but excludes furnishing electric power or energy at wholesale for resale. In the case of a for-profit electric supplier and beginning on the starting date of competitive retail electric service as defined in section 4928.01 of the Revised Code, "electric service" also excludes a competitive retail electric service. In the case of a not-for-profit electric supplier and beginning on that starting date, "electric service" also excludes any service component of competitive retail electric service that is specified in an irrevocable filing the electric supplier makes with the public utilities commission for informational purposes only to eliminate permanently its certified territory under sections 4933.81 to 4933.90 of the Revised Code as to that service component. The filing shall specify the date on which such territory is so eliminated. Notwithstanding division (B) of section 4928.01 of the Revised Code, such a service component may include retail ancillary, metering, or billing and collection service irrespective of whether that service component has or has not been declared competitive under section 4928.04 of the Revised Code. Upon receipt of the filing by the commission, the not-for-profit electric supplier's certified territory shall be eliminated permanently as to the service component specified in the filing as of the date specified in the filing. As used in this division, "competitive retail electric service" and "retail electric service" have the same meanings as in section 4928.01 of the Revised Code.

(G) "Certified territory" means a geographical area the boundaries of which have been established pursuant to sections 4933.81 to 4933.90 of the Revised Code within which an electric supplier is authorized and required to provide electric service.

(H) "Other unit of local government" means any governmental unit or body that may come into existence after July 12, 1978, with powers and authority similar to those of a municipal corporation, or that is created to replace or exercise the relevant powers of any one or more municipal corporations.

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