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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

Section 4935.01 | Forecasting energy needs.


The public utilities commission may delegate to any of its officers or employees such of its duties or powers under this chapter as it considers to be appropriate to be exercised under its supervision and control.

(A) The commission shall:

(1) Estimate statewide and regional needs for energy for the forthcoming five- and ten-year periods which, in the opinion of the commission, will reasonably balance requirements of state and regional development, protection of public health and safety, preservation of environmental quality, maintenance of a sound economy, and conservation of energy and material resources. Other factors and trends which will significantly affect energy consumption such as the effects of conservation measures shall also be included.

(2) Estimate statewide and regional demands within the state for energy for twenty years ahead, to be used in formulation of long-range policies and proposals for reduction of demand, conservation of energy, development of potential sources of energy, and action to affect the rate of growth in demand for energy;

(3) Submit in the annual report of the commission to the governor and the general assembly, information identifying emerging trends related to energy supply, demand, and costs of energy to consumers, and specifying statewide and regional energy needs.

(B) To achieve the purposes of this chapter, the commission may:

(1) Request any state department, agency, office, commission, institution, or other organization or any political subdivision to supply any information in its possession or readily accessible to it concerning the use, supply, source, allocation, or distribution of energy;

(2) Request any business, industry, trade association, or person doing business in this state to supply any information in their possession or that can reasonably be assumed to be readily accessible to them concerning the use, supply, source, allocation, or distribution of energy required pursuant to federal energy regulations;

(3) Issue a subpoena to any officer or agent of any organization called upon pursuant to this section to appear before the commission and produce such records as are required in this section and as may be necessary to deal with any energy problem in this state;

(4) Develop and administer the state set-aside program for petroleum and gas, and provide assistance in fuel adjustments and policies or activities regarding the use of the United States strategic petroleum reserve ordered pursuant to the laws or regulations of the United States.

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