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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

Section 5126.31 | Reviewing reports of abuse and neglect.


(A) A county board of developmental disabilities shall review reports of abuse and neglect made under section 5123.61 of the Revised Code and reports referred to it under section 5101.64 of the Revised Code to determine whether the individual who is the subject of the report is an adult with a developmental disability in need of services to deal with the abuse or neglect. The county board shall give notice of each report to the registry office of the department of developmental disabilities established pursuant to section 5123.61 of the Revised Code on the first working day after receipt of the report. If the report alleges that there is a substantial risk to the adult of immediate physical harm or death, the county board shall initiate review within twenty-four hours of its receipt of the report. If the county board determines that the individual is sixty years of age or older but does not have a developmental disability, it shall refer the case to the county department of job and family services. If the county board determines that the individual is an adult with a developmental disability, it shall continue its review of the case.

(B) For each review over which the county board retains responsibility under division (A) of this section, it shall do all of the following:

(1) Give both written and oral notice of the purpose of the review to the adult and, if any, to the adult's legal counsel or caretaker, in simple and clear language;

(2) Visit the adult, in the adult's residence if possible, and explain the notice given under division (B)(1) of this section;

(3) Request from the registry office any prior reports concerning the adult or other principals in the case;

(4) Consult, if feasible, with the person who made the report under section 5101.63 or 5123.61 of the Revised Code and with any agencies or persons who have information about the alleged abuse or neglect;

(5) Cooperate fully with the law enforcement agency responsible for investigating the report and for filing any resulting criminal charges and, on request, turn over evidence to the agency;

(6) Determine whether the adult needs services, and prepare a written report stating reasons for the determination. No adult shall be determined to be abused, neglected, or in need of services for the sole reason that, in lieu of medical treatment, the adult relies on or is being furnished spiritual treatment through prayer alone in accordance with the tenets and practices of a church or religious denomination of which the adult is a member or adherent.

(C) The county board shall arrange for the provision of services for the prevention, correction or discontinuance of abuse or neglect or of a condition resulting from abuse or neglect for any adult who has been determined to need the services and consents to receive them. These services may include, but are not limited to, service and support administration, fiscal management, medical, mental health, home health care, homemaker, legal, and residential services and the provision of temporary accommodations and necessities such as food and clothing. The services do not include acting as a guardian, trustee, or protector as defined in section 5123.55 of the Revised Code. If the provision of residential services would require expenditures by the department of developmental disabilities, the county board shall obtain the approval of the department prior to arranging the residential services.

To arrange services, the county board shall:

(1) Develop an individualized service plan identifying the types of services required for the adult, the goals for the services, and the persons or agencies that will provide them;

(2) In accordance with rules established by the director of developmental disabilities, obtain the consent of the adult or the adult's guardian to the provision of any of these services and obtain the signature of the adult or guardian on the individualized service plan. An adult who has been found incompetent under Chapter 2111. of the Revised Code may consent to services. If the county board is unable to obtain consent, it may seek, if the adult is incapacitated, a court order pursuant to section 5126.33 of the Revised Code authorizing the board to arrange these services.

(D) The county board shall ensure that the adult receives the services arranged by the board from the provider and shall have the services terminated if the adult withdraws consent.

(E) On completion of a review, the county board shall submit a written report to the registry office established under section 5123.61 of the Revised Code. If the report includes a finding that an individual with a developmental disability is a victim of action or inaction that may constitute a crime under federal law or the law of this state, the board shall submit the report to the law enforcement agency responsible for investigating the report. Reports prepared under this section are not public records as defined in section 149.43 of the Revised Code.

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