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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

Section 5145.03 | Rules for government and employment of prisoners.


(A) The department of rehabilitation and correction, subject to the approval of the governor, shall make any rules for the government of prisoners that tend to promote their reformation, or be necessary for the purpose of sections 5145.01 to 5145.27 of the Revised Code, except that any rules that govern penal manufacturing and service industries and agriculture or labor performed by prisoners and that do not govern security shall be adopted pursuant to division (B) of this section. The department shall make provisions for the separation or classification of prisoners, their division into different grades with promotion or degradation according to merit or demerit, their instruction in industrial pursuits, and their education.

(B) The director of the department of rehabilitation and correction shall adopt rules for the administration of the department's program for employment of prisoners that is established pursuant to section 5145.16 of the Revised Code. The rules shall be adopted, amended, and rescinded pursuant to Chapter 119. of the Revised Code, except that rules governing security shall not be adopted pursuant to that chapter and except that no prisoner who is in the custody of the department and who is incarcerated has any legal right to attend any hearing that is held on the rules pursuant to that chapter and that is held outside the institution in which the prisoner is incarcerated; however, the attorney for any prisoner may attend the hearing on behalf of the prisoner. The director may hold hearings on the rules pursuant to that chapter at any of the department's correctional institutions to receive comment from prisoners, which hearings may be attended by prisoners incarcerated at the institution at which any of the hearings is held. The rules shall provide for the following:

(1) A procedure for seeking the employment of prisoners in penal industries and agriculture, in private industry and agriculture located within or outside the department's institutions, in public works, in institutional jobs necessary for the proper maintenance or operation of the department's institutions, and in other appropriate forms of labor;

(2) A system of compensation, allowances, hours, conditions of employment, and advancement for prisoners who are employed in any form of labor;

(3) The regulation of the working conditions for prisoners who are employed in any form of labor;

(4) The categorization of all jobs performed by prisoners into levels, grades within the levels, or other appropriate categories based upon the skills required to perform the job, the security required for the job, the location at which the job is performed, and any other relevant characteristics of the job;

(5) A procedure for the assignment of prisoners to perform jobs in correctional industries and agriculture, and in private industry and agriculture, that are located in institutions under the control of the department other than the institutions to which the prisoners are committed;

(6) A procedure for the periodic review of each prisoner's performance at his jobs and for the periodic evaluation of the prisoner's qualifications for other jobs at higher grades, levels, or categories, with different skill requirements, with different career potential, with other training potentials, or with other working conditions or schedules;

(7) An accounting system for the allocation of the earnings of each prisoner;

(8) A procedure for the transportation of prisoners whenever necessary between institutions and to and from private industry or agriculture to perform jobs;

(9) A disciplinary procedure for violations of work or security requirements;

(10) Any other rules on any subject that are otherwise necessary to administer sections 5145.16 and 5145.161 of the Revised Code or to provide employment for as many prisoners as possible.

(C) The department shall keep a correct daily record of the conduct of each prisoner and of his fidelity and diligence in the performance of his work.

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