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Section 5302.24 | Affect of Revised Code sections 5302.22, 5302.222, and 5302.23.


Except as otherwise provided in divisions (B)(12) and (C) of section 5302.23 of the Revised Code, sections 5302.22, 5302.222, and 5302.23 of the Revised Code do not affect any deed that was executed and recorded prior to December 28, 2009, or any transfer on death beneficiary designation made, pursuant to section 5302.22 of the Revised Code as it existed prior to that date. If that deed or designation is valid on the day prior to that date, the deed or designation continues to be valid on and after that date. A grantee of that deed need not execute a transfer on death designation affidavit that designates the same transfer on death beneficiary or beneficiaries as in the deed unless the grantee chooses to do so.

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