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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

Section 5705.34 | Certification of tax levy - revision of budget.

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When the budget commission has completed its work with respect to a tax budget or other information required to be provided under section 5705.281 of the Revised Code, it shall certify its action to the taxing authority, together with an estimate by the county auditor of the rate of each tax necessary to be levied by the taxing authority within its subdivision, taxing unit, or, in the case of a qualifying library levy, within the library district or association library district, and what part thereof is in excess of, and what part within, the ten-mill tax limitation. The certification shall also indicate the date on which each tax levied by the taxing authority will expire.

If a taxing authority levies a tax for a fixed sum of money or to pay debt charges for the tax year for which the tax budget is prepared, and a payment on account of that tax is payable to the taxing authority for the tax year under section 5727.85, 5727.86, 5751.21, or 5751.22 of the Revised Code, the county auditor, when estimating the rate at which the tax shall be levied in the current year, shall estimate the rate necessary to raise the required sum less the estimated amount of any payments made for the tax year to a taxing unit for fixed-sum levies under those sections. The estimated rate shall be the rate of the levy that the budget commission certifies with its action under this section.

Each taxing authority, by ordinance or resolution, shall authorize the necessary tax levies and certify them to the county auditor before the first day of October in each year, or at such later date as is approved by the tax commissioner, except that the certification by the legislative authority of the city of Cincinnati or by a board of education shall be made by the first day of April or at such later date as is approved by the commissioner, and except that a township board of park commissioners that is appointed by the board of township trustees and oversees a township park district that contains only unincorporated territory shall authorize only those taxes approved by, and only at the rate approved by, the board of township trustees as required by division (C) of section 511.27 of the Revised Code. If the levying of a tax to be placed on the duplicate of the current year is approved by electors under sections 5705.01 to 5705.47 of the Revised Code; if the rate of a school district tax is increased due to the repeal of a school district income tax and property tax rate reduction at an election held pursuant to section 5748.04 of the Revised Code; or if refunding bonds to refund all or a part of the principal of bonds payable from a tax levy for the ensuing fiscal year are issued or sold and in the process of delivery, the budget commission shall reconsider and revise its action on the budget of the subdivision or school library district for whose benefit the tax is to be levied after the returns of such election are fully canvassed, or after the issuance or sale of such refunding bonds is certified to it.

The Legislative Service Commission presents the text of this section as a composite of the section as amended by multiple acts of the General Assembly. This presentation recognizes the principle stated in R.C. 1.52(B) that amendments are to be harmonized if reasonably capable of simultaneous operation.

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