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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

Section 5729.031 | Credit against imposed tax.


As used in this section, "insurance company" includes any health insuring corporation as defined in section 1751.01 of the Revised Code; "insurance company group" means two or more insurance companies that are owned by a common owner or two or more insurance companies among which one company owns the other company or companies; and with respect to health insuring corporations, "premiums sold" means premium rate payments received. A foreign or domestic insurance company or insurance company group may claim a credit against the tax imposed under section 5725.18 or 5729.03 of the Revised Code. An insurance company group shall compute one credit for the group as a whole, and one or more companies in the group may claim all or a portion of that credit until it is exhausted. The superintendent of insurance may adopt rules for the apportionment of the credit among the members of an insurance company group. The amount of the credit shall equal the amount computed as follows:

(A) Subtract the total dollar amount of all premiums sold in all states by the company, in the case of an individual company, or by the group, in the case of an insurance company group, from seventy-five million dollars;

(B) Divide the result obtained in division (A) of this section by seventy-five million;

(C) Multiply the quotient obtained in division (B) of this section by two hundred thousand.

(D) The product obtained in division (C) of this section shall equal the credit to which an insurance company or an insurance company group is entitled, but the credit shall not reduce the tax liability of any individual company or of any company within an insurance company group below the minimum tax required by division (C) of section 5725.18 or division (C) of section 5729.03 of the Revised Code. If the difference obtained in division (A) of this section is less than or equal to zero, the credit allowed under this section equals zero.

(E) A reduction in the taxes of a foreign insurance company to the extent obtained through a claim for credit under this section does not increase the retaliatory tax liability otherwise charged against that company.

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