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Section 5913.01 | Adjutant general is commander and administrative head of organized militia - duties.

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(A) The adjutant general is the commander and administrative head of the Ohio organized militia. The adjutant general shall:

(1) Be provided offices and shall keep them open during usual business hours;

(2) Have and maintain custody of all military records, correspondence, and other documents of the Ohio organized militia;

(3) Superintend the preparation of all returns and reports required by the United States from the state on military matters;

(4) Keep a roster of all officers of the Ohio organized militia, including retired officers;

(5) Whenever necessary, cause the military provisions of the Revised Code and the orders, regulations, pamphlets, circulars, and memorandums of the adjutant general's department to be printed and distributed to the organizations of the Ohio organized militia;

(6) Prepare and issue all necessary Ohio organized militia forms and attest to all commissions issued to officers of the Ohio organized militia;

(7) Have a seal, and all copies of orders, records, and papers in the adjutant general's office certified and authenticated with that seal shall be competent evidence in like manner as if the originals were produced. All orders issued from the adjutant general's office shall bear a duplicate of the seal.

(8) Keep and preserve the arms, ordnance, equipment, and all other military property belonging to the state or issued to the state by the federal government and issue any regulations necessary to keep, preserve, and repair the property as conditions demand;

(9) Issue adjutant general's property to the units of the Ohio organized militia as the necessity of the service or organizational or allowance tables requires;

(10) Submit an annual report to the governor at such time as the governor requires of the transaction of the adjutant general's department, setting forth the strength and condition of the Ohio organized militia and other matters that the adjutant general chooses;

(11) Command the joint force headquarters of the Ohio national guard.

(B) The adjutant general shall issue and distribute all orders issued in the name of the governor as the commander in chief of the Ohio organized militia and perform the duties that the governor directs and other duties prescribed by law.

(C) The adjutant general may enter into cooperative agreements, contractual arrangements, or agreements for the acceptance of grants with the United States or any agency or department of the United States, other states, any department or political subdivision of this state, or any person or body politic, to accomplish the purposes of the adjutant general's department. The adjutant general shall cooperate with, and not infringe upon, the rights of other state departments, divisions, boards, commissions, and agencies, political subdivisions, and other public officials and public and private agencies when the interests of the adjutant general's department and those other entities overlap.

The funds made available by the United States for the exclusive use of the department shall be expended only by the department and only for the purposes for which the federal funds were appropriated. In accepting federal funds, the department agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of the grant or cooperative agreement and further agrees to expend the federal funds in accordance with the laws and regulations of the United States.

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