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Section 6115.53 | Sanitary district maintenance assessment - sale of water.


To maintain, operate, and preserve the reservoirs, sewers, pumping stations, treatment and disposal works, or other improvements made pursuant to this chapter, other than those connected with the development of a water supply for the sanitary district, and to strengthen, repair, and restore the same, when needed, and to defray the current expenses of the district, other than those expenses connected with the water supply of the district, the board of directors of the sanitary district may, upon the substantial completion of the improvements and on or before the first day of September in each year thereafter, levy an assessment upon each tract or parcel of land and upon corporate property within the district, subject to assessments under such sections, to be known as a sanitary district maintenance assessment.

The maintenance assessment shall be apportioned upon the basis of the total appraisal of benefits accruing for original and subsequent construction, shall not exceed one per cent thereof in any one year unless the court by its order authorizes an assessment of a larger percentage, and shall be certified in duplicate to the county auditor of each county in which lands of the district are located in the same book but in a separate column, or in a separate book kept for that purpose, in like manner and at the same time as the annual installment tax is credited, under the heading "maintenance assessment." The auditor shall certify the same to the county treasurer of the county at the same time that he certifies the annual installment of the bond fund, and the sum of the installments of both funds for any tract may be certified as a single item. The treasurer shall demand and collect the maintenance assessment and make return thereof, and shall be liable for the same penalties for failure to do so, as are provided for the annual installment of the assessment.

The amount of the maintenance assessment paid by any parcel of land shall not be credited against the benefits assessed against such parcel of land; but the maintenance assessment shall be in addition to any assessment that has been or can be levied against the benefit assessment. If any assessment is twenty-five dollars or less, or whenever the unpaid balance of any such assessment is twenty-five dollars or less, such assessment shall be paid in full and not in installments, at the time the first or next installment would otherwise become due and payable.

To maintain, operate, and preserve the improvements of the district made in connection with the development of the water supply for domestic, municipal, and public use within the district, and to strengthen, repair, and restore the same, and to defray the current expense of the district for this purpose, the board shall use moneys from the maintenance fund which shall be derived from the sale of water to public corporations and persons within the district. The rates to be charged for such water shall be uniform and shall be fixed and adjusted at intervals of not less than one year by the board, so that the income thus produced will be adequate to provide a maintenance fund sufficient for the purpose of the district. Contracts for supplying water to public corporations and persons shall be entered into before such service is rendered by the district. Such contracts shall specify the maximum quantity of water which will be furnished to the public corporation or person and this quantity shall be fixed so as to distribute the supply with an equitable apportionment. Preference shall be given to water supply furnished to public corporations for domestic, municipal, and public use. Bills for water supplied to a public corporation shall be rendered to the proper managing officers of such corporation at monthly intervals and shall be paid from the funds of the waterworks department of such public corporation. If such department is unable to pay such indebtedness, the governing or taxing body of such public corporation shall provide the necessary funds for its payment by borrowing money, levying taxes, or in other manner permitted by law.

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