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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

Section 6119.50 | Claims for damages.


An owner of a lot or parcel of land claiming that he will sustain damages by reason of a proposed project, to be paid for in whole or in part by special assessments, shall, within twenty-eight days from the date of completion of the notice required under section 6119.47 of the Revised Code, file a claim in writing with the secretary of the board of trustees of the regional water and sewer district, setting forth the amount of the damages claimed and a general description of the property with respect to which it is claimed that such damages will accrue. An owner who fails to file such claim shall be deemed to have waived damages and shall be barred from filing a claim or receiving damages. This section applies to all damages which will obviously result from the project, but shall not deprive the owner of his right to recover damages arising, without his fault, from the acts of the district or its agents. If, subsequent to the filing of such claim, the owner sells the property, or any part thereof, the assignee has the same right to damages which the owner would have had without the transfer.

When claims for damages are filed under this section and the board determines in the resolution adopted under section 6119.51 of the Revised Code that the damages shall be assessed before commencing such project, the board shall, within ten days after the passage of the resolution to proceed with the project under such section, make a written application to the court of common pleas for a jury. If the board determines that the damages shall be assessed after the completion of the project, the board shall make such written application within ten days after the completion of such project. The court shall direct the summoning of a jury in the manner provided by section 163.10 of the Revised Code, and shall fix the time and place for the inquiry and the assessment of such damages, which inquiry and assessment shall be confined to such claims.

The jury summoned under this section shall be sworn to inquire into and assess the actual damages in each case separately, under such rules and instructions as are given it by the court. When the jury cannot agree, it may be discharged, but the court may receive its verdict as to one or more of the claimants and discharge it with respect to the parties concerning whose claims it cannot agree. In case of the discharge of the jury because of such disagreement, a new jury shall be summoned and the same proceedings shall be had with respect to the claims concerning which there was no verdict.

If the jury summoned under this section finds no damages, the costs of the inquiry shall be taxed against the claimant or claimants and collected on execution. In other cases, the costs shall be paid by the district.

This section does not apply to an application for an injunction or other proceeding to which it may be necessary for such applicant to resort in case of urgent necessity.

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