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Section 991.03 | Powers and duties of Ohio expositions commission.


(A) The Ohio expositions commission shall:

(1) Conduct at least one fair or exposition annually;

(2) Maintain and manage property held by the state for the purpose of conducting fairs, expositions, and exhibits;

(3) As provided in section 109.122 of the Revised Code, provide notice of or copies of any proposed entertainment or sponsorship contracts to the attorney general.

(B) The commission may:

(1) Conduct such additional fairs, expositions, or exhibitions as the commission determines are in the general public interest;

(2) Accept on behalf of the state conveyances of property for the purposes of conducting fairs, expositions, and exhibits, subject to any terms and conditions agreed to by the commission and approved by the controlling board;

(3) Accept gifts, devises, and bequests of money, lands, and other property and apply the money, lands, or other property according to the terms of the gift, devise, or bequest. A political subdivision as authorized by law may make gifts and devises to the commission, and the commission shall apply such a gift or devise according to the terms of the gift or devise. All gifts and bequests of money accepted under this division shall be deposited into the state treasury to the credit of the Ohio expositions support fund.

(4) Enter into contracts that the commission considers necessary or worthwhile in the conduct of its purposes, provided that contracts made for a term exceeding two years, other than those described in division (B)(4) of this section, shall be subject to the approval of the controlling board and provided that the attorney general, pursuant to the attorney general's authority under section 109.122 of the Revised Code, has not disapproved the proposed contract;

(5) Enter into contracts for the mutual exchange of goods or services;

(6) Sell or convey all or a portion of the property, land, or buildings under its management subject to the approval of the legislature;

(7) Grant leases on all or any part of the property, land, or buildings under the management of the commission to private or public organizations, which appear to be in the best interests of the state, with the approval of the controlling board and director of administrative services, subject to the following conditions:

(a) The lessees shall make or construct improvements on such lands or buildings at no cost to the commission or to the state, subject to prior approval by the director of administrative services of detailed plans and specifications of such improvements.

(b) No person, firm, or corporation shall cause a lien to be filed against any funds or property of the state or of the commission as a result of a lessee's activities pursuant to division (B)(7)(a) of this section.

(c) Leases shall be entered into subject to the sale of such property, lands, or buildings during the term of the lease.

(d) No leases shall be made which interfere with a fair, exposition, or exhibition on such lands.

(8) Encumber appropriations for the entire amount of a contract at the time the contract is made, even though the contract will not be performed in the fiscal year for which the appropriations were made.

(9) Implement a credit card payment program permitting payment by means of a credit card of any fees, charges, and rentals associated with conducting fairs, expositions, and exhibits. The commission may open an account outside the state treasury in a financial institution for the purpose of depositing credit card receipts. By the end of the business day following the deposit of the receipts, the financial institution shall make available to the commission funds in the amount of the receipts. The commission shall then pay these funds into the state treasury to the credit of the Ohio expositions fund.

The commission shall adopt rules as necessary to carry out the purposes of division (B)(9) of this section. The rules shall include standards for determining eligible financial institutions and the manner in which funds shall be made available and shall be consistent with the standards contained in sections 135.03, 135.18, 135.181, and 135.182 of the Revised Code.

The commission shall not adopt or enforce any rules which will prohibit livestock exhibited at the Ohio state fair from participating in county and independent fairs in the state.

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