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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 128-1-02 | Officers, elections, terms and duties.


(A) The vice chair and secretary shall be elected at the January meeting each year to serve a term of one year. The officers shall be chosen from members of the board.

(1) Chair - The chair shall preside at all meetings of the board as specified in this chapter. The chair will have and exercise general charge and supervision of the affairs of the board, and shall do and perform such other duties as may be assigned by the board. The chair shall facilitate the receipt of input from the public or any applicant on any matter specified by the board and may designate the forum and limitations on such input. The chair may create, by a motion and a second of the board members, committees that the chair determines are necessary, and the chair may discontinue same at his or her pleasure.

(a) Each committee shall have such powers and perform such duties not inconsistent with law as may be assigned to it by the chair.

(b) Committee chairs and members shall be appointed by the chair.

(2) Vice chair - At the request of the chair, or in the event of the absence or disability of the chair, the vice chair shall perform the duties, and possess and exercise the powers of, the chair, and have such other powers as determined by the board.

(3) Secretary - The secretary shall review, edit and sign the minutes for all meetings of the board prior to the minutes becoming public record and adopted by the board.

(B) Meetings of the board

(1) Quorum. As provided by law, a majority of the board constitutes a quorum. No action shall be taken by the board unless approved by at least six members, or by at least seven members if a person is appointed under division (A)(4) or (A)(5) of section 105.41 of the Revised Code.

(2) Places. All regular meetings of the board shall be held in the statehouse or such other place as designated by the chair at a preceding meeting. The place where each special meeting shall be held shall be designated in the call thereof. Any person, upon request, may obtain advance notice of all meetings at which public business is to be discussed.

(3) Meetings. The time, place and purpose of all regularly scheduled board meetings shall be posted on the Ohio statehouse public website by writing the capitol square review and advisory board at its business address.

Any representative of the news media or any individual may obtain notice of all scheduled meetings by requesting in writing that notice be provided and supplying a regular mail or electronic mail address. The board shall, within a reasonable time prior to each meeting, send by regular mail or electronic mail an agenda of the meeting to those persons. The board may assess a reasonable fee, not to exceed the cost of copying and mailing, for notices sent to persons in accordance with this rule.

(4) Special meetings. In the event of a special meeting not of an emergency nature, the board shall notify all media representatives who have requested notice of the meeting by doing at least one of the following sending written notice, by regular mail or electronic mail no later than twenty-four hours prior to the special meeting;

(5) Special emergency meetings. In the event of a special meeting of an emergency nature requiring immediate official action, the board shall notify all media representatives who have requested notice of such meeting of the time, place and purpose of the meeting by providing notice as described in paragraph (B)(4)(a) of this rule. In such event, the notice need not be given twenty-four hours prior to the meeting, but shall be given immediately upon completion of the meeting agenda.

(6) Minutes and journal. The minutes of all meetings shall be recorded in special books to be kept for that purpose. With respect to each meeting, there shall be shown the date and place at which it was held, the names of the board members present, a summary of things said and done, and a record of each vote taken. Adoptions of any rules and resolutions shall also be recorded in the minutes.

(7) Governing rules. All proceedings, shall be held in accordance with this rule and conducted under "Masons Manual of Legislative Procedure" (2000 edition) when not otherwise provided in this chapter.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 105.41
Amplifies: 105.41
Five Year Review Date: 10/13/2024
Prior Effective Dates: 2/26/1989, 9/5/2006, 12/22/2008, 12/11/2010, 7/18/2014