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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 3701-7-12 | Maternity home safety standards.


(A) All persons whose work or service responsibilities involve continuing activities in the maternity home shall have a health evaluation by a licensed physician or other licensed health professional operating within their scope of practice, which shall include establishing the absence of conditions transmissible to others, prior to their having access to the home.

(B) The maternity home shall designate a person as administrator to be responsible for day to day operations of the home, ensuring that resident needs are met at all times and for assuring compliance with Chapter 3711. of the Revised Code and Chapter 3701-7 of the Administrative Code.

(C) Each maternity home that operates a nursery, shall retain a physician qualified in pediatrics to direct the care of the infants including the initiation and maintenance of policies and procedures necessary for this care.

(D) The maternity home shall retain the services of a registered nurse to direct the nursing activities, including the initiation and maintenance of policies and procedures dealing with nursing care.

(E) A nurse shall be on duty at all times when the nursery is occupied in a maternity home that operates a nursery.

(F) The maternity home shall establish and follow written infection control policies and procedures for the surveillance, control, prevention, and reporting of communicable disease organisms by both the contact and airborne routes which shall be consistent with current infection control guidelines issued by the United States centers for disease control and prevention. The policies and procedures shall address:

(1) The utilization of protective clothing and equipment;

(2) The storage, maintenance and distribution of sterile supplies and equipment;

(3) The disposal of biological waste, including blood, body tissue, and fluid in accordance with Ohio law;

(4) Universal precautions body substance isolation or equivalent; and

(5) Tuberculosis and other airborne diseases.

(G) The maternity home shall not knowingly permit a staff member or volunteer to provide services if the individual has a communicable disease capable of being transmitted during the performance of his or her duties.

(H) A maternity home shall document any complications and adverse events impacting the health, safety, or well being of any resident.

(I) The maternity home shall comply with the disease reporting requirements set forth in Chapter 3701-3 of the Administrative Code.

(J) Maternity home facilities and equipment shall include at least the following:

(1) Equipment, lighting, and means of regulating indoor temperature and indoor air quality to provide a safe and comfortable living environment and working conditions in the maternity home;

(2) Adequate facilities for the delivery of housekeeping and other supportive services;

(3) Handrails in all stairwells, and grab bars in bathrooms and showers;

(4) Secure office space for maintenance, preparation, and storage of resident medical records and medications;

(5) Separate toilet facilities for personnel;

(6) A dining area;

(7) Adequate storage areas;

(8) A means for the sanitary disposal of waste and soiled linen;

(9) A relaxation area not readily accessible to the casual visitor;

(10) Private office space for resident consultation;

(11) Laundry facilities for residents;

(12) At least one separate, private room for the examination and treatment of residents;

(13) Equipment and supplies necessary for routine and emergency care of residents;

(14) Resident bedrooms, with no more than four beds in each room; and

(15) For every three residents, one bathroom that is accessible from a hallway.

(K) Each maternity home shall:

(1) Have the ancillary and support staff necessary for the provision of the maternity home's services; and

(2) Ensure all staff members provide services in accordance with applicable, current and accepted standards of practice and the clinical capabilities of the maternity home.

(L) Prior to admission, the maternity home shall provide the following in writing to the prospective resident or the prospective resident's representative:

(1) An itemized list of fees for all services provided by the home;

(2) A list of the services provided at the maternity home, including, but not limited to:

(a) Medical services;

(b) Nursing services; and

(c) Social services; and

(3) A list of services available to the resident within the home or outside of the home within a reasonable proximity, along with instructions on how to obtain such services.

(M) Each maternity home that offers newborn services shall maintain a newborn nursery appropriate to the number of newborns to be cared for at any one time. Each newborn nursery room shall be equipped with the following:

(1) A floor area of twenty-four square feet for each newborn station with a minimum of two feet between newborn stations;

(2) Maternity homes providing care to newborns requiring close observation shall provide a minimum floor area of fifty square feet with a minimum of four feet between and at all sides of newborn stations;

(3) At least one door capable of being locked that exits to a main corridor; and

(4) At least one sink capable of hands-free operation.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 3711.12
Amplifies: 3711.05, 3711.12
Five Year Review Date: 10/1/2024
Prior Effective Dates: 7/15/1976, 3/1/1997, 3/24/2003, 4/30/2003, 5/15/2008, 8/1/2008, 1/1/2012