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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 901:5-3-04 | Markings on containers and systems.


(A) Container nameplates must be legible, permanently attached to the container and accessible for inspection. Container nameplates shall include markings as prescribed in paragraph (B) unless the container has been issued special permit DOT SP13554 by the United States department of transportation.

(B) Each container covered in rules 901:5-3-12 to 901:5-3-14 of the Administrative Code shall be marked as follows:

(1) With a marking which indicates compliance with the rules of the code under which the container is constructed;

(2) With a notation on the container nameplate when the container is designed for underground installation;

(3) With the name and address of the supplier of the container or the trade name of the container and with the date of fabrication;

(4) With the water capacity of the container in pounds at sixty degrees Fahrenheit or gallons, U.S. standard;

(5) With the design pressure in pounds per square inch gage;

(6) With the wall thickness of the shell and heads;

(7) With marking indicating the maximum level to which the container may be filled with liquid anhydrous ammonia at temperatures between twenty degrees Fahrenheit and one hundred degrees Fahrenheit except on containers provided with fixed maximum level indicators, such as fixed length dip tubes, or containers that are filled by weight. Markings shall be in increments of not more than ten degrees Fahrenheit;

(8) With the outside surface area in square feet;

(9) With minimum temperature for which the container is designed;

(10) Marking specified on container shall be on the container itself or on a nameplate permanently affixed thereto;

(C) All main operating valves on permanently installed containers having a capacity of over three thousand water gallons shall be identified to show whether the valve is in liquid or vapor service. The method of identification shall be legend or color code as specified in:

(1) Legend: The legend "LIQUID" (or "LIQUID VALVE"), or "VAPOR" (or "VAPOR VALVE"), as appropriate, shall be placed on or within twelve inches of the valve by means of a stencil, tag, or decal;

(2) Color code: Liquid valves shall be painted Omaha orange or equivalent and vapor valves shall be painted safety yellow or equivalent. The legend "OMAHA ORANGE LIQUID", or "SAFETY YELLOW VAPOR" shall be displayed in one or more conspicuous places at each permanent storage location. The legend shall have letters at least two inches high and shall be placed against a contrasting background.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 905.40
Amplifies: 905.40
Five Year Review Date: 9/23/2018
Prior Effective Dates: 11/18/1978, 6/21/2007