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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 901:5-3-03 | Requirements for new construction and original test of containers (including skid containers).


(A) Containers used with systems covered in rules 901:5-3-12 to 901:5-13-14 of the Administrative Code shall be registered with the "National Board of Unfired Vessels" and shall be constructed and tested in accordance with the latest edition (and subsequent amendments thereto) of the "Unfired Pressure Vessel Code" of the ASME except that construction under "Table UW 12" at a basic joint efficiency of under eighty per cent is not authorized.

Containers built according to the code do not have to comply with paragraphs UG 125 to UG 128, and paragraphs UG 132 and UG 133;

(B) Containers exceeding thirty-six inches in diameter or two hundred fifty gallons capacity shall be constructed to comply with one or more of the following additional requirements:

(1) Shall be stress relieved after fabrication in accordance with the code, or

(2) Cold formed heads, when used, shall be stress relieved, or

(3) Hot formed heads shall be used;

(C) Welding to the shell, head, or any other part of the container subject to internal pressure shall be done in compliance with the code under which the container was fabricated and permanently stamped with the welder's ASME and certification number and date, or, in lieu of the permanent stamping by the welder, a record shall be kept by the manufacturer of welders and welding operators employed on each joint which shall be available to the inspector. Other welding is permitted only on saddle plates, lugs, or brackets attached to the container by the container manufacturer;

(D) All containers shall be inspected by a person having a current certificate of competency from the "National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors". A report from an Ohio commission inspector shall also be required.

(E) The provisions of paragraph (A) shall not be construed as prohibiting the continued use or reinstallation of containers constructed and maintained in accordance with all prior editions of the "Unfired Pressure Vessel Code" of the ASME or any revisions thereof in effect at the time of fabrication.

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