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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

Section 171.04 | Duties of council.


The Ohio retirement study council shall:

(A) Make an impartial review from time to time of all laws governing the administration and financing of the pension and retirement funds under Chapters 145., 146., 742., 3307., 3309., and 5505. of the Revised Code and recommend to the general assembly any changes it may find desirable with respect to the allowances and benefits, sound financing of the cost of benefits, the prudent investment of funds, and the improvement of the language, structure, and organization of the laws;

(B) Make an annual report to the governor and to the general assembly covering its evaluation and recommendations with respect to the operations of the state retirement systems and their funds;

(C) Study all changes in the retirement laws proposed to the general assembly and report to the general assembly on their probable costs, actuarial implications, and desirability as a matter of public policy;

(D) Review semiannually the policies, objectives, and criteria adopted under sections 145.11, 742.11, 3307.15, 3309.15, and 5505.06 of the Revised Code for the operation of the investment programs of the state retirement systems, including a review of asset allocation targets and ranges, risk factors, asset class benchmarks, time horizons, total return objectives, relative volatility, and performance evaluation guidelines. The council shall, not later than thirty days after completing a review, submit to the governor and the general assembly a report summarizing its findings.

(E) Have prepared for each system by an independent actuary, at least once every ten years, an actuarial review of the actuarial valuations and quinquennial actuarial investigations prepared under sections 145.22, 742.14, 3307.20, 3309.21, and 5505.12 of the Revised Code, including a review of the actuarial assumptions and methods, the data underlying the valuations and investigations, and the adequacy of each system's employee and employer contribution rates to amortize its unfunded actuarial pension liability, if any, and to support the payment of benefits authorized by Chapter 145., 742., 3307., 3309., or 5505. of the Revised Code. The council shall submit to the governor and the general assembly a report summarizing each review.

All costs associated with an actuarial review prepared pursuant to division (E) of this section shall be paid by the retirement system for which the review is prepared.

(F) Have conducted by an independent auditor at least once every ten years a fiduciary performance audit of each of the state retirement systems.

All costs associated with an audit conducted pursuant to division (F) of this section shall be paid by the retirement system audited.

(G) Provide each member of the council with copies of all proposed rules submitted to the council pursuant to sections 145.09, 742.10, 3307.04, 3309.04, and 5505.04 of the Revised Code and submit any recommendations to the joint committee on agency rule review.

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