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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

Section 3318.10 | Advertising and awarding of construction bids.


When such working drawings, specifications, and estimates of cost have been approved by the school district board and the Ohio facilities construction commission, the treasurer of the school district board shall advertise for construction bids in accordance with section 3313.46 of the Revised Code. Such notices shall state that plans and specifications for the project are on file in the office of the commission and such other place as may be designated in such notice, and the time and place when and where bids therefor will be received.

The form of proposal to be submitted by bidders shall be supplied by the commission. Bidders may be permitted to bid upon all the branches of work and materials to be furnished and supplied, upon any branch thereof, or upon all or any thereof.

When the construction bids for all branches of work and materials have been tabulated, the commission shall cause to be prepared a revised estimate of the basic project cost based upon the lowest responsible bids received. If such revised estimate exceeds the estimated basic project cost as approved by the controlling board pursuant to section 3318.04 or division (B)(1) of section 3318.41 of the Revised Code, no contracts may be entered into pursuant to this section unless such revised estimate is approved by the commission and by the controlling board. When such revised estimate has been prepared, and after such approvals are given, if necessary, and if the school district board has caused to be transferred to the project construction fund the proceeds from the sale of the first or first and final installment of its bonds or bond anticipation notes pursuant to the provision of the written agreement required by division (B) of section 3318.08 of the Revised Code, and when the director of budget and management has certified that there is a balance in the appropriation, not otherwise obligated to pay precedent obligations, pursuant to which the state's share of such revised estimate is required to be paid, the contract for all branches of work and materials to be furnished and supplied, or for any branch thereof as determined by the school district board, shall be awarded by the school district board to the lowest responsible bidder subject to the approval of the commission. Such award shall be made within sixty days after the date on which the bids are opened, and the successful bidder shall enter into a contract within ten days after the successful bidder is notified of the award of the contract.

Subject to the approval of the commission, the school district board may reject all bids and readvertise. Any contract made under this section shall be made in the name of the state and executed on its behalf by the president and treasurer of the school district board.

The provisions of sections 9.312 and 3313.46 of the Revised Code, which are applicable to construction contracts of boards of education, shall apply to construction contracts for the project.

The remedies afforded to any subcontractor, materials supplier, laborer, mechanic, or persons furnishing material or machinery for the project under sections 1311.26 to 1311.32 of the Revised Code, shall apply to contracts entered into under this section and the itemized statement required by section 1311.26 of the Revised Code shall be filed with the school district board.

Notwithstanding any other requirement of this section, a school district, with the approval of the commission, may utilize any otherwise lawful alternative construction delivery method for the construction of the project.

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