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Section 4729.282 | Dispensing of drugs pursuant to prescriptions made without examination and EPT prescriptions.


(A) Notwithstanding any conflicting provision of this chapter or rule adopted by the state board of pharmacy, a pharmacist may do both of the following with respect to a prescription issued under section 4723.4810, 4730.432, or 4731.93 of the Revised Code:

(1) Dispense a drug pursuant to the prescription ;

(2) Label a drug dispensed pursuant to the prescription without the name of the individual for whom the drug is intended if the prescription contains the words "expedited partner therapy" or the letters "EPT."

(B) For each drug dispensed under this section, the pharmacist shall provide all of the following information:

(1) Directions for use of the drug;

(2) Any side effects, adverse reactions, or known contraindications associated with the drug.

(C) A pharmacist who in good faith dispenses a drug under this section is not liable for or subject to any of the following:

(1) Damages in any civil action;

(2) Prosecution in any criminal proceeding;

(3) Professional disciplinary action.

(D) This section does not affect the authority of a pharmacist to distribute information concerning a drug as required by federal law.

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