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Section 4729.32 | Requirements for sale of denatured or wood alcohol in five gallon lots or more.


No person shall have in his possession, or dispense or sell packages or containers of completely denatured alcohol or wood alcohol containing five wine gallons or more without having marked or stenciled thereon the name and address of the seller, the degree of proof of such alcohol, the formula number, and, in letters of not less than one inch in height, the words, "Completely Denatured Alcohol" or "Wood Alcohol," as the case may be, and the names of two or more antidotes for the same. This section, and sections 4729.33 and 3719.33 of the Revised Code shall not interfere with the transfer of such alcohol from storage tanks to other packages or containers, nor require the placing of such mark or stencil upon transportation tanks, nor the registration or placing of mark or stencil upon fuel tanks, automobile radiators, or similar containers for the final use or consumption of such alcohol and from which no further distribution thereof is made.

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