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Section 5309.24 | Contents of decree of registration.


(A) Every decree of registration in land registration cases shall bear the year, month, day, hour, and minute of its entry and shall be signed by the clerk of the probate court. It shall give the place of residence and post-office address of the owner of the land registered, state whether the owner is married or unmarried, and, if the owner is married, state the name of the owner's spouse. If the owner is under disability, the decree shall state the nature of the disability and, if the owner is a minor, shall state the minor's age. The decree shall contain an accurate description and plat of each separate parcel of the land as finally determined and adopted by the probate court, shall set forth the estate of the owner, and, in a manner that shows their relative priority, but subject to division (B) of this section, shall set forth all particular estates, mortgages, easements, liens, attachments, and other encumbrances, including rights of spouses, to which the land or the owner's estate is subject, all suits pending by or against the owner or any of the owner's predecessors in title in any court of record in the county the judgments in which might affect the land or the owner's title to the land, and all suits of that nature elsewhere pending if they were brought to the attention of the probate court by the pleadings or evidence in the case. The decree may contain any other matter properly to be determined by the court under this chapter and Chapter 5310. of the Revised Code. The decree shall be stated in a form convenient for physical transcription upon, transcription by any of the applicable nonpaper means referred to in division (D) of section 5309.031 of the Revised Code upon, or binding in the register of titles described in section 5309.25 of the Revised Code, shall be in a form suitable to constitute the decree as a certificate of title, and shall give insofar as possible the full name, place of residence, and post-office address of each owner and holder of any interest in or lien, charge, or encumbrance upon the lands or any part of the lands, except as provided in division (B) of this section. The clerk, under the direction of the court, shall make and keep indexes of all applications and of all decrees of registration.

(B) On and after March 30, 1999, a decree of registration in a land registration case shall not set forth pursuant to division (A) of this section any restrictive covenant that appears to apply to the land or any part of the land, if any inclusion of the restrictive covenant in a transfer, rental, or lease of housing accommodations, any honoring or exercising of the restrictive covenant, or any attempt to honor or exercise the restrictive covenant constitutes an unlawful discriminatory practice under division (H)(9) of section 4112.02 of the Revised Code.

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