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Section 5751.06 | Penalty for late filing or delinquent payment.


(A) Any taxpayer that fails to file a return or pay the full amount of the tax due within the period prescribed therefor under this chapter shall pay a penalty in an amount not exceeding the greater of fifty dollars or ten per cent of the tax required to be paid for the tax period.

(B)(1) If any additional tax is found to be due, the tax commissioner may impose an additional penalty of up to fifteen per cent on the additional tax found to be due.

(2) Any delinquent payments of the tax made after a taxpayer is notified of an audit or a tax discrepancy by the commissioner is subject to the penalty imposed by division (B) of this section. If an assessment is issued under section 5751.09 of the Revised Code in connection with such delinquent payments, the payments shall be credited to the assessment.

(C) If the tax commissioner notifies a person required to register under section 5751.05 of the Revised Code of such requirement and of the requirement to remit the tax due under this chapter, and the person fails to so register and remit the tax within sixty days after such notice, the tax commissioner may impose an additional penalty of up to thirty-five per cent of the tax due. The penalty imposed under this division is in addition to any other penalties imposed under this section.

(D) The tax commissioner may collect any penalty or interest imposed by this section in the same manner as the tax imposed under this chapter. Penalties and interest so collected shall be considered as revenue arising from the tax imposed under this chapter.

(E) The tax commissioner may abate all or a portion of any penalties imposed under this section and may adopt rules governing such abatements.

(F) If any tax due is not timely paid in accordance with this chapter, the taxpayer shall pay interest, calculated at the rate per annum prescribed by section 5703.47 of the Revised Code, from the date the tax payment was due to the date of payment or to the date an assessment was issued, whichever occurs first.

(G) The tax commissioner may impose a penalty of up to ten per cent for any additional tax that is due under division (B)(2) of section 5751.051 of the Revised Code from a taxpayer incorrectly reporting its taxable gross receipts.

(H) If the tax commissioner discovers that a taxpayer has billed or invoiced another person for the tax imposed under this chapter in violation of division (B) of section 5751.02 of the Revised Code, the tax commissioner shall notify the taxpayer of the violation in the manner provided in section 5703.37 of the Revised Code and may impose a penalty of up to five hundred dollars. If the taxpayer subsequently bills or invoices a person for the tax imposed under this chapter, the tax commissioner shall impose a penalty of five hundred dollars.

Last updated August 8, 2023 at 9:58 AM

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