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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 3333-1-65.8 | Allocation for nonpublics, chartered and nonchartered, home-schooled students.


(A) For purposes of this rule:

(1) "Allocation unit" shall be defined as no more than four credit hours.

(2) "Nonpublic school student" means a student attending a nonpublic secondary school or a nonchartered nonpublic secondary school.

(3) "Homeschooled student" means a student who has been excused from the compulsory attendance law for the purpose of home instruction under section 3321.04 of the Revised Code.

(B) Nonpublic school students and homeschooled students in grades seven through twelve may participate in the college credit plus program as provided in Chapter 3365. of the Revised Code, upon award of state funding to reimburse the postsecondary institution for college credits under this program.

(C) Each nonpublic school student and homeschooled student who wishes to become a participant in any school year shall send to the Ohio department of education a copy of the student's acceptance from a college and an application, in a form prescribed by the department, to participate in the program. Homeschooled students must also provide a copy of the notification provided by the district superintendent which excuses the student from compulsory attendance. Each year, homeschooled students must submit evidence of good academic standing in college credit plus courses to ensure compliance with paragraph (H) of rule 3333-1-65.13 of the Administrative Code.

(D) Multiple applications from a student shall not be accepted by the department. The application shall include information about the student's proposed participation, including, but not limited to, the following:

(1) The school year in which the student wishes to participate beginning with the summer term; and

(2) The number of total quarter or semester hours the student is requesting for the academic year, up to the maximum number the student is eligible for in accordance with rule 3333-1-65.2 of the Administrative Code, not to exceed thirty semester or forty-five quarter hours.

(E) The department will provide for the electronic submission of applications for the college credit plus program by students enrolled in nonpublic secondary schools and homeschooled during a period established by the department. The department shall mark each application with the date and time of receipt.

(F) The department will calculate the reimbursement amount owed the college as outlined in section 3365.07 of the Revised Code.

(G) The amount paid to each college for each participant enrolled in a participating nonpublic school and homeschooled shall be from money set aside by the general assembly for such purposes from funds appropriated for the purposes of this program.

(H) Applications will be processed in the following manner and order:

(1) All students in grade twelve shall be awarded one allocation unit;

(2) All students in grade eleven shall be awarded one allocation unit;

(3) All students in grade ten shall be awarded one allocation unit;

(4) All students in grade nine shall be awarded one allocation unit;

(5) All students in grade eight shall be awarded one allocation unit; and

(6) All students in grade seven shall be awarded one allocation unit.

(I) When all applicants have been awarded one allocation unit, the department shall make awards in the following manner:

(1) Two allocation units to all students in grade twelve;

(2) One allocation unit to all students in grade eleven; and

(3) One allocation in the order specified in paragraph (H) of this rule continuing until there is not sufficient appropriation to award all applicants in a grade level with one additional allocation unit.

(J) Should there be insufficient funds to award all applicants under paragraph (H)(1) of this rule one allocation unit, the department shall conduct a lottery to determine which students in grade twelve will receive one allocation unit. Under this provision, no student in grade twelve shall receive more than one allocation unit of participation.

(K) The department of education shall notify each applicant not later than five weeks after the close of period noted in paragraph (E) of this rule of the level of approved financial support for the applicant. Each notification shall include the number of semester or quarter hours the applicant was awarded through the process outlined in paragraph (H) of this rule.

(L) If the department determines an applicant is no longer eligible to participate in the program, the applicant's eligibility to participate and award shall be terminated at the conclusion of the applicant's current college grading period. The department shall notify the applicant and the college as soon as practicable that the applicant is not eligible to continue in the program for the remainder of the school year.

(M) In such an instance that a student chooses to enroll in additional courses, which exceed the number units of awarded state funding, then the student can elect option (A) of section 3365.06 of Revised Code. The provisions of division (A) of section 3365.06 of the Revised Code will apply.

(N) If the student chooses to self-pay for course credits beyond the units of awarded state funding available to the student, then the student must pay for the cost of entire course that exceeds the credits awarded at the colleges standard rate of tuition and fees.

Last updated October 6, 2023 at 1:56 PM

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 3365.071
Amplifies: 3365.071
Five Year Review Date: 5/10/2026
Prior Effective Dates: 2/17/2015, 2/21/2016