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Section 3317.024 | Amounts paid to school districts and schools for certain purposes.

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The following shall be distributed monthly, quarterly, or annually as may be determined by the state board of education:

(A) An amount for each island school district and each joint state school district for the operation of each high school and each elementary school maintained within such district and for capital improvements for such schools. Such amounts shall be determined on the basis of standards adopted by the state board of education. However, for fiscal years 2012 and 2013, an island district shall receive the lesser of its actual cost of operation, as certified to the department of education, or ninety-three per cent of the amount the district received in state operating funding for fiscal year 2011. If an island district received no funding for fiscal year 2011, it shall receive no funding for either of fiscal year 2012 or 2013.

(B) An amount for each school district required to pay tuition for a child in an institution maintained by the department of youth services pursuant to section 3317.082 of the Revised Code, provided the child was not included in the calculation of the district's formula ADM, as that term is defined in section 3317.02 of the Revised Code, for the preceding school year.

(C) An amount for the approved cost of transporting eligible pupils with disabilities attending a special education program approved by the department of education whom it is impossible or impractical to transport by regular school bus in the course of regular route transportation provided by the school district or educational service center. No district or service center is eligible to receive a payment under this division for the cost of transporting any pupil whom it transports by regular school bus and who is included in the district's transportation ADM. The state board of education shall establish standards and guidelines for use by the department of education in determining the approved cost of such transportation for each district or service center.

(D) An amount to each school district, including each cooperative education school district, pursuant to section 3313.81 of the Revised Code to assist in providing free lunches to needy children. The amounts shall be determined on the basis of rules adopted by the state board of education.

(E)(1) An amount for auxiliary services to each school district, for each pupil attending a chartered nonpublic elementary or high school within the district that is affiliated with a religious order, sect, church, or denomination or has a curriculum or mission that contains religious content, religious courses, devotional exercises, religious training, or any other religious activity.

(2) An amount for auxiliary services paid directly to each chartered nonpublic school not described in division (E)(1) of this section for each pupil attending the school.

The amount paid under divisions (E)(1) and (2) of this section shall equal the total amount appropriated for the implementation of sections 3317.06 and 3317.062 of the Revised Code divided by the average daily membership in grades kindergarten through twelve in chartered nonpublic elementary and high schools within the state as determined as of the last day of October of each school year.

(F) An amount for each county board of developmental disabilities, distributed on the basis of standards adopted by the state board of education, for the approved cost of transportation required for children attending special education programs operated by the county board under section 3323.09 of the Revised Code;

(G) An amount to each institution defined under section 3317.082 of the Revised Code providing elementary or secondary education to children other than children receiving special education under section 3323.091 of the Revised Code. This amount for any institution in any fiscal year shall equal the total of all tuition amounts required to be paid to the institution under division (A)(1) of section 3317.082 of the Revised Code.

The state board of education or any other board of education or governing board may provide for any resident of a district or educational service center territory any educational service for which funds are made available to the board by the United States under the authority of public law, whether such funds come directly or indirectly from the United States or any agency or department thereof or through the state or any agency, department, or political subdivision thereof.

Last updated October 4, 2021 at 11:31 AM

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