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Section 3702.521 | Recategorize hospital beds to skilled nursing beds - placement in nursing home.

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(A) Reviews of applications for certificates of need to recategorize hospital beds to skilled nursing beds shall be conducted in accordance with this division and rules adopted by the director of health.

(1) No hospital recategorizing beds shall apply for a certificate of need for more than twenty skilled nursing beds.

(2) No beds for which a certificate of need is requested under this division shall be reviewed under or counted in any formula developed under rules adopted by the director for the purpose of determining the number of long-term care beds that may be needed within the state.

(3) No beds shall be approved under this division unless the hospital certifies and demonstrates in the application that the beds will be dedicated to patients with a length of stay of no more than thirty days.

(4) No beds shall be approved under this division unless the hospital can satisfactorily demonstrate in the application that it is routinely unable to place the patients planned for the beds in accessible skilled nursing facilities.

(5) In developing rules to implement this division, the director shall give special attention to the required documentation of the need for such beds, including the efforts made by the hospital to place patients in suitable skilled nursing facilities, and special attention to the appropriate size of units with such beds given the historical pattern of the applicant hospital's documented difficulty in placing skilled nursing patients.

(B) For assistance in monitoring the use of hospital beds recategorized as skilled nursing beds after August 5, 1989, the director shall adopt rules specifying appropriate quarterly procedures for reporting to the department of health.

(C) A patient may stay in a hospital bed that, after August 5, 1989, has been recategorized as a skilled nursing bed for more than thirty days if the hospital is able to demonstrate that it made a good faith effort to place the patient in an accessible skilled nursing facility acceptable to the patient within the thirty-day period, but was unable to do so.

(D) No hospital bed recategorized after August 5, 1989, as a skilled nursing bed shall be covered by a provider agreement under the medicaid program.

(E) Nothing in this section requires a hospital to place a patient in any nursing home if the patient does not wish to be placed in the nursing home. Nothing in this section limits the ability of a hospital to file a certificate of need application for the addition of long-term care beds that meet the definition of "home" in section 3721.01 of the Revised Code. Nothing in this section limits the ability of the director to grant certificates of need necessary for hospitals to engage in demonstration projects authorized by the federal government for the purpose of enhancing long-term quality of care and cost containment. Nothing in this section limits the ability of hospitals to develop swing bed programs in accordance with federal regulations.

No hospital that is granted a certificate of need after August 5, 1989, to recategorize hospital beds as skilled nursing beds is subject to sections 3721.01 to 3721.09 of the Revised Code. If the portion of the hospital in which the recategorized beds are located is certified as a skilled nursing facility under Title XVIII of the "Social Security Act," 49 Stat. 620 (1935), 42 U.S.C.A. 301, as amended, that portion of the hospital is subject to sections 3721.10 to 3721.17 and sections 3721.21 to 3721.34 of the Revised Code. If the beds are registered pursuant to section 3701.07 of the Revised Code as long-term care beds, the beds are subject to sections 5168.40 to 5168.56 of the Revised Code.

Last updated August 16, 2021 at 3:55 PM

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